12 Secrets to Booking Cheap Airline Tickets

Booking airline tickets is very simple to do, yet we often end up spending more than we expect. All credit goes to airlines as there is no limit to what they charge you for flimsy pillows, meals and luggage. It has been stated by U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics that airlines earned around US $3.3 billion on luggage fees alone in 2011.

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International Travel Using Wholesale Airline Ticket Vendors

Getting cheap tickets for international flights is possible through an array of options, many of which depend on the choices you make and the way in which you search for cheap or wholesale tickets for international flights.

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Wholesale Airline Tickets for Business Class

Travelling regularly at business class level can be expensive fun. There are, however, ways to cut your expenses down to a minimum without having to sacrifice the comforts of travelling business class.

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Finding Cheap Last Minute Flights

Sometimes it becomes necessary to arrange flights to some destination or another. This may be due to sudden developments at work; family occasions/ emergencies, or simply because you have decided at the last minute that you have both the time and the money to take a vacation. On other occasions, it is not possible to fund a journey at regular prices, while a last-minute booking may make travel possible. Either way, finding last-minute deals is rarely a problem.

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Cheap Wholesale Airline Tickets for Students

College, high school and university students often look for cheap wholesale airline tickets in order to save on the airfares for travel during vacation times. This may include spring break, summer and winter vacations. Occasionally, students also take time out to travel as part of or in-between their studies. Whether they are searching for international or domestic flight tickets, whether they wish to return home for term breaks or take a vacation somewhere exotic, there are several places where they can find reasonably cheap student airline tickets.

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Buying Preferred Membership with Wholesale Travel Club

Taking a vacation does not necessarily have to cost a fortune, thanks to the ever growing number of wholesale travel clubs. So what exactly is a wholesale travel club? In essence, such clubs are websites where members of the public can find vastly reduced airline tickets. The clubs typically consists of groups of companies/ agents working together and purchasing airline tickets in bulk at wholesale prices. They then pass the savings they have subsequently made on to their customers.

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Purchasing Wholesale Airline Tickets for Seniors

After working for a lifetime, many seniors decide to use their retirement to travel and make up for the years of hard work by enjoying the freedom of traveling without a thought of having to go back to work in a week or two. For many, being able to travel has added a new meaning and purpose to a life that would otherwise feel somewhat empty without the commitments of their working lives.

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Cheap Wholesale Airline Tickets for Group Travel

Airline tickets can be costly, and for groups or large families traveling together, the cost can soon mount up to incredible amounts. Fortunately, it is possible to find tickets at much cheaper prices through so-called wholesale airline ticket vendors.

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5 Essential Tips While Buying Cheap Airfare on Internet

The Internet has made is a lot easier to find airline tickets at affordable rates. To find the best deals around, it helps to know a few things to look out for. Here are the five top tips for buying airfares online.

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Getting a Home Based Travel Agent for Wholesale Travel Savings

When looking for cheap airline tickets, it is always worth looking out for home based travel agents. The reasons for this are simple. To begin with, these individuals typically operate purely online and subsequently have no overheads to cover within the prices they charge for tickets.

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